About Dana

Dana Staves is an emerging romance author from coastal Virginia, where she lives with her wife, their son, and their very clingy cat. She is a contributor for Book Riot, and her work has been published in Shaking Magazine, Fiction Writers Review, and featured on HuffPost. When Dana is not writing, she can be found chasing her toddler, baking, or digging in her garden. Dana writes contemporary romance, and she is currently working on her first novel.

Wait, I thought you were a food blogger.

I know. I was. Am? In my heart? I spent about eight years using this space to learn more about cooking, food, and who I am as a cook, and it was my sweet blog baby, Whisks & Words. I happily discovered other people’s recipes and learned from their techniques. I wrote about it. I was one of those people the Internet has decided to hate because I made you listen to me tell a story for 600 words before I gave you the recipe. Alas, no more. But if you want to share an excellent recipe with me, find me on Twitter.



That header image?

Not mine. A free upload from Christin Hume, whose photos you can find here.